Full-Service Piano Technician

My name is Jonathan Kimbrell. I’m a full-service piano technician and an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild. Repairing, regulating, and tuning acoustic pianos (as opposed to electronic keyboards) is what I specialize in. My wife and I have moved to Baltimore, MD where she’s in medical residency at Johns Hopkins.

My integrity and professionalism have given me the honor of tuning for churches. I’ve maintained pianos for universities, public and private schools, orchestras, and music festivals. I take pride in doing solid work, from home pianos to the music stage. My goal is to make sure that your piano continues to make beautiful music!


I began my training under the late Larry Crabb, RPT, who was a rebuilder in Atlanta GA. He specialized in complete repair, reconditioning, restoration, and rebuilding of pianos. Under his teaching, I completely refinished and rebuilt both an upright and grand piano. During this process, I learned how to tune, maintain and service pianos.

I continue to further my training with special classes and seminars offered by the PTG (Piano Technicians Guild) by attending PTG conventions and monthly PTG meetings.

I work with many types of customers. These include homeowners and those just starting to take lessons, worship leaders and churches, as well as accomplished amateurs and professional musicians.

During my time in Georgia, I managed my own clientele as well as clients for the local piano dealer. I tuned and maintained pianos regularly for the local school system, the Augusta Symphony, and Augusta State University. I tuned and maintained pianos for the USC Aiken satellite campus and took care of the pianos during the Joye in Aiken music festival which is held there each year.

All of this gives me experience maintaining instruments in many different settings and situations.

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Piano Care

A piano must be periodically tuned. However, most don’t know that a piano’s needs are not limited to just tuning. A piano technician specializes in the care and maintenance of pianos.

Piano technicians are competent tuners who are able to diagnose problems, malfunctions, and perform repairs. In the world of piano technology, every scenario is different. Because of this, there is not always a cut and dried solution to a problem.

The knowledge of different repairs and needs is what makes the piano technician a true professional. I’m happy to be serving Baltimore and the surrounding areas with my piano tuning skills!

If you have any questions about your piano please give me a call. You might find my piano tuning blog helpful. Since I try to cover questions on a regular basis, what you’re looking for could just be a click away! If you have a piano topic you’d like me to talk about please send me an email. You can also message me on Facebook or Instagram!

You can schedule online anytime through my website under my Book Now. It’s convenient and easy! However, if you have any questions about your piano please send me a message.

I service a generous radius around my home in Baltimore including DC and parts of Virginia. If you’re not sure if I service your area, just ask.