The Benefits of a Full-Service Tuning

Jul 17, 2019

Pianos are remarkable instruments and vehicles of musical expression, comprised of thousands of moving parts.  When a piano owner thinks of servicing their piano, oftentimes they just think of a basic tuning.  This is an important aspect of piano maintenance and something that should be done on a regular schedule in order to ensure proper pitch and stability of the piano!  However, other parts of the piano also need service and maintenance. 

As the piano ages, as it is played more, certain aspects of function and playability can be adversely affected.  This is just simple wear and tear much like is experienced by the continued function of moving mechanical parts of your car.  If all you did to maintain your car was to change the oil, while neglecting other aspects of auto maintenance, you would soon have a car that wasn’t functioning at optimal performance.  Likewise, if all that is done to a piano is tuning, the function, playability and other aspects of the quality of the music produced can suffer and cause an unsatisfactory experience. 

Is the pedal noisy? Are piano keys sluggish? Maybe there are ringing notes because dampers are not quieting the strings properly.  There could be annoying clicks or squeaks coming from the keys. Many piano keys could be sticking.  One of the great benefits of a full-service tuning is that there can be problems beginning that the customer may not notice, but can be caught by the technician! These can be remedied before they become more costly repairs or before they begin to make an unsatisfactory playing experience.  Aspects of the function of the keyboard can be adjusted, some aspects of the regulation (this affects the function of the keys and how they operate properly) can be completed in the time remaining after the tuning. 

The result is a more enjoyable playing experience.  Selecting a full-service tuning allows the technician to asses and improve other aspects of the pianos needs and address them to accomplish a more complete and holistic piano service experience.  Whether it’s a basic service call or a full-service, the technician will generally make an overall assessment of the condition of the piano upon arrival before they begin service.  This allows them to have a better picture of the current needs of the instrument and enables them to make the best recommendations for proper care going forward.  The goal is not just to tune the instrument and collect the check, but to service the piano so that it performs its best. Some customers may just prefer to have a basic tuning and pitch raise to simply get the piano up to pitch on that first initial visit, and that is perfectly fine.  The technician is there to do what is best for the customer, keeping their preferences in mind while still looking at the piano’s overall needs.  

Whether this is done through various adjustments and service procedures during a full-service appointment or recommendations for additional service at a later date, our goal is to approach the situation with the heart of a teacher! Here at Pianifico, we have a desire to educate the customer on proper piano care and ensure that the piano will bring hours of musical enjoyment for years to come!

Email or text us (706-955-5797) with any questions you might have! We’re here to make piano care easy.