Are you looking for piano tuning in Baltimore, Maryland or surrounding areas? A piano must be periodically tuned. However, most don’t know that a piano’s needs are not limited to just tuning. A piano technician specializes in the care and maintenance of pianos. 

Here at Pianifico, caring for your piano has never been easier!  We have simple and intuitive online scheduling available 24/7. Upfront pricing on some of the most common piano services is available on our site. Planning maintenance for your piano is just a click away with our scheduling program! 

You can always reach us by phone, email or text if you prefer.  Our philosophy is simple; quality piano care made easy to ensure that your instrument continues to make beautiful music. We look forward to keeping Baltimore’s pianos in tune!

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piano tuning and repairs Baltimore Maryland

If you’re looking for great piano tuning in Baltimore, Maryland give us a call! We’ve had the honor of tuning for churches. We’ve tuned pianos for universities, public and private schools, orchestras, and music festivals.  We take pride in doing solid work, from home pianos to the music stage.  Our goal is to make sure that your piano continues to make beautiful music!

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Jonathan went above and beyond to make sure the job was done right. Friendly and happy to explain the intricacies of his expert work. Piano sounds great.

Nick Sjostrom

Very knowledgeable and professional. Piano sounds wonderful. Thanks Jonathan!

Jeannine Owens

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