Full Service

$180.00 – $210.00

Because pianos have other needs beyond simple tuning, our full-service tuning includes other services to improve the overall quality of function and playability of the instrument. Once the tuning is completed, the remainder of the time will be spent on other aspects of the piano’s function as needed.

Perhaps the pedal is noisy and keys are sluggish, or there are ringing notes because dampers are not quieting the strings properly.  Perhaps there are annoying clicks or squeaks coming from the keys, or many of the keys are sticking.  One of the great benefits of a full-service tuning is that, in many cases, there can be problems beginning that the customer may not notice, but can be caught by the technician and remedied before they become more costly repairs or before they begin to make an unsatisfactory playing experience.

Aspects of the function of the keyboard can be adjusted, some aspects of the regulation (this affects the function of the keys and how they operate properly) can be completed in the time remaining after the tuning.  The result is a better more enjoyable playing experience.  

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