Patrick Goodman

Just great service overall from a great individual. Jonathan Kimbrell came by today and tuned our home piano which we recently received from family. Having never been serviced in 20+ years, the piano was a little bit worse for wear, but Jonathan came by and gave an honest, upfront assessment of the instrument. Prior to tuning the piano, he made sure I was aware the risks that are taken on a piano that was in the condition ours was in (like how corrosion and rust could cause strings to break when re-tuned). Our piano needed multiple passes to get back in-tune, and I believe that he worked on it until the job was done right. There’s no mistaking that Jonathan demonstrates ownership and pride in his work, and when he left there’s no doubt in my mind that he did the best work possible for our piano. I highly recommend his business to anyone looking for piano tuning or servicing.