I’m Jonathan Kimbrell, a full-service piano technician specializing in repairing, regulating and tuning pianos. My wife and I have recently relocated to Baltimore, MD where she’s begun a medical residency at Johns Hopkins.

I have received training under the late Larry Crabb RPT, in Atlanta, GA, through meetings with the PTG chapters, and training under individual independent technicians. In Augusta, I serviced pianos through my private clientele and by doing contract work for Turners’s Keyboards. I helped them maintain the pianos for the Augusta Symphony, USC Aiken campus, Augusta University and the Richmond County school system as well as Turners’s large customer base.

A piano technician specializes in the care and maintenance of pianos.

Although most people know that a piano must be periodically tuned, they are generally unaware that a piano’s needs are not limited to just tuning.

Piano technicians must not only be competent tuners but must also be able to diagnose problems and malfunctions and perform the necessary repairs to remedy them.  In the world of piano technology, every scenario is different and there is not always a cut and dried solution to a problem.

A thorough understanding of the construction and function of pianos, what affects them, and the knowledge of different repairs and maintenance procedures is what makes the piano technician a true professional.