A New Home and New Adventures!

An Augusta native, I never would have dreamed I would be making my home anywhere else than my home state of Georgia. That all changed when I met my lovely wife, who was a student at the Medical College of Georgia.

She received her match day letter that she would begin a medical residency at Johns Hopkins here in Baltimore! I’m excited to be here and am excited to get to know other piano technicians and residents of this great city.

I visited Baltimore last year during the Month of July and mistakenly thought that it would be a significant difference from the sweltering Georgia heat. I was a wrong! But I’m told that there are fewer hot days here so at least the heat won’t last as long as Georgia. I guess we’ll see! With so many opportunities for adventures in Baltimore and D.C. just loaded with history and great things to see and do, and great opportunities for continued professional advancement and learning through local PTG chapters, I’m really looking forward to my time here!


2 thoughts on “A New Home and New Adventures!

  1. I am thrilled that you two have this opportunity and adventure. Thanks for the update!
    🙂 April Greene Lowry

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